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Car Loans – Niagara Falls (ON)

Niagara Falls resident? Want an auto loan? Niagara residents are increasingly looking to us to get them behind the wheel.

We work really hard to find you the loan you need with an interest rate that’s sensible. And we can say that we have dealers and auto loan companies in Niagara who want you as a customer – as soon as possible.

There are 427,421 men and women who live in Niagara, and approximately 59,839 of them have poor credit. The Car Loans of Canada experience is uniquely helpful for anybody who needs a no credit or poor credit auto loan in Niagara, ON. Essentially, you won’t need to drive around Niagara, submitting applications in person and experiencing various rejections. When considering used car loans in Niagara for people with bad credit, we get you the money you’re looking for with a rate that won’t break the bank.

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What’s your budget?

The typical income among Niagara’s residents is $25,108 annually, which is $2,092 monthly. You should commit roughly 10% of this amount for any used car loan. That means Niagara used auto loan payments ought to be in the region of $209.

How much can you finance? Here are some approximations based on the average income in Niagara: $25,108 per annum.


Credit Score

Pre-Approved Amount

  • $2,092

  • 575-625

  • $16,739

  • $2,092

  • 525-575

  • $14,646

  • $2,092

  • 524 or lower

  • $12,554

Bear in mind that these are simply projections.

Have you thought about a down payment? It’s a good idea, particularly if you want a new car. Brand new cars are worth less and less on a daily basis. Placing money down helps reduce the length of time that you’re in a state of negative equity. All the same, we have partners offering zero down payment car loans in Niagara, ON. For people who do supply a payment in advance, 10-20% is common. If your vehicle costs $8,788, that’s an advance payment of $879 to $1,758.

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Minimizing Your Interest Rates

Auto Loans ON
Auto Loans of ON!

Would you like your interest rates to be as competitive as they possibly can? Clearly you would!

Can you find a good friend or family member willing to cosign your loan? In that case, this could bring down your car loan rates markedly, if they have favorable credit. But keep in mind that a cosigner will be legally obligated to pay off the loan if you can’t.

Sure, you can purchase a car with below-average credit in Niagara without a cosigner, but your rate of interest will be more expensive.

Car Loans Niagara ON

Always be wary of any auto dealer that delivers no credit check auto loans in Niagara. Our dealerships have to do credit assessments. However, they do work with bad credit in Niagara.

If you want to bolster your credit ratings, you really should finance a car or truck with us. No credit check cars may not improve your credit rating.

Dealerships and Auto Lenders in Niagara Falls

  • Autoline Toyota. 4421 Drummond Road, L2E6C5
  • Autovalue Hyundai. 4424 Montrose Road, L2H1K2
  • Brock Ford Sales Inc. 4500 Drummond Road, L2E6C7
  • City Wide Car Sales. 7361 Pin Oak Drive, L2E6S5
  • Hamburg Honda. 7227 Dorchester Road, L2G5V7
  • Hobby Automotive. 4382 Montrose Road, L2H1K2
  • International Auto Vision. 4500 Montrose Road, L2H1K2
  • Kapitan Walt Motors Inc. 6152 Thorold Stone Road, L2J1A3
  • Mottola’s Affordable Autos. 4445 Portage Road, L2E6A7
  • Ray’s Auto Sales. 4874 Bridge Street, L2E2S3
  • Ultrashine. 4680 Queen, L2E2L8
  • Y’S Auto Sales. 4917 Bridge Street, L2E2S2
  • Autoland Chrysler (1981)Ltd. 4060 Montrose Rd, L2H1J9
  • Deals On Wheels Car Sales. 4163 Carroll, L2E4H3
  • Dream Cars. 6875 Thorold Stone Rd/Corner Dorchester, L2J1B2
  • Niagara Mitsubishi. 7888 Oakwood Dr, L2E6S5
  • Rent-A-Wreck. 4169 Stanley Ave, L2E4Z2
  • Shadow Auto. 4957 Bridge St, L2E2S4