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Car Loans in Alberta (AB)

Our car dealers have auto finance options for all Albertans:  from individual consumers, families, and small businesses to college students, military personnel, and retirees.   We work with people from all walks of life and credit tiers, and we’re happy to say that we get the vast majority of our clientele approved for the Alberta auto loan they can afford.

Getting Approved for a Car Loan in Alberta
Poor credit ratings are endemic throughout the province of Alberta.  As you know, bad credit makes it more difficult to find a loan. Car Loans of Canada is really great for anyone who is need of a poor credit auto loan in AB, as we make financing a car as simple and easy as can be. Some consumers think they need to resort to buy here pay here dealerships.  However, we get you far better terms.

How Much Can I Borrow?

Let’s consider your financial budget. The typical income in is $85,380 per year, or $7,115 per month. It is best to allocate roughly 10% of your monthly income for any used auto loan in Alberta. This means used car loan payments ought to be around $712.

You’re probably thinking: do these auto loans require a down payment? If you can offer a down payment, do so. You can request no down payment car and truck loans in Alberta, but down payments combat negative equity. Normally, dealerships will require down payments in the range of 10 to 20%. For a vehicle that costs $29,883, this is $2,988 to $5,977.

Are you interested in a used car? In addition to assisting you with a borrowing arrangement, we’re able to assist you in finding a good used car in Alberta.

Below is a a little guide to purchasing a used vehicle in Alberta:

  1. Be sure there isn’t any rust under the car.
  2. Be sure that it doesn’t need new tires.
  3. Inspect engine for leaking.
  4. Check the brakes and steering.
  5. Check the car or truck history report.
  6. Obtain maintenance receipts.
  7. Whenever possible, pay a repair shop to check it.

When it comes to car lots that deal with bad credit with no money down in Alberta, chances are high their lot will be made up of used cars and trucks.

Bad Credit Car Loans in Alberta (AB)

There’s always buyers looking to get bad credit car loans in Alberta, because they’re dealing with issues like job loss, divorce, or bankruptcy.  Many Albertans think they have to go to a no credit check lot in order to get approved. That’s not the case. A bad credit auto loan prearranged through Car Loans of Canada can improve your credit score, as our dealers report back to the credit bureaus.

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