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Tesla Motors Invades the North, Opens First Store in Canada

Tesla has opened a store in Toronto, its first in Canada, to join the service stations the American electric-car maker has in Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto. Visitors to the store are reporting that it bears little resemblance to a traditional auto dealership having just the Model S for car shoppers to touch and sit in. […]

Canadian Consumer Debt Rides Car Loans to a Record $26,768

As the Canadian car market strengthens, non-mortgage consumer debt of the average Canuck reached $26,768 last quarter, a new high, in a large part due to an increasing number of car loans being made. Credit monitoring TransUnion says that consumer debt increased at its quickest pace since 2010 in the third quarter of this year. […]

The Great Halifax Hearse Beatdown: Who Won?

Freedom lives. Its heart beats strong. Not in the U.S., where they go on and on about it, but in Halifax, Nova Scotia. A man with angry hair and an even angrier heart had a score to settle with an old hearse parked in a Canadian Tire parking lot. So, he entered the tire store […]

Ally Credit Canada Sold by Ally Financial

Ally Financial has agreed to sell ResMor Trust and its Canadian car finance unit, Ally Credit Canada, to the Royal Bank of Canada just a week following the sale of its Mexican insurance arm. At the end of the third quarter, ResMor Trust had assets worth $4.2 billion, while Ally Credit Canada Limited had $9.4 […]

UAW President Keen on Canada-U.S. Bridge

United Auto Workers President Bob King has said that while his union is in favor of a second bridge connecting Windsor, Ontario, and Detroit, it will not comment on a ballot proposal that would stop the tax-payer funded construction project. Speaking to the Detroit News, President King said, “We have long supported another bridge. We […]

4 Canadian Cars You Americans Cannot Have

The cars offered in Canada are not necessarily the same as those offered down below. Turns out that folks living in the United States have different tastes than those living in North America’s better half Therefore, the wise heads at the automakers surmise, cars sold here won’t be sold there and vice versa. Some of […]

European Car Sales Continue 11-Month Slide

For the 11th straight month, car sales in Europe dropped by 9 percent in August. Leading this sad sack parade of sagging sales was General Motors, Ford and Fiat. In total, 722,483 units were sold last month, down from 789,458 from a year previously. Out of all the major carmakers, Ford had it the worst […]

Stop Changing Oil, Save the Planet?

Old habits die hard. Although most of us know that our cars these days don’t need to have their oil changed as regularly as our rides once did, many of us just cannot break the old oil-changing habit. After all, it feels good doing something nice for our cars whether they need it or not. […]

Ontario’s Conquest Vehicles Launches Evade: the Unarmored SUV that Looks Armored

Conquest Vehicles has released the Evade, a light-weight imitation of its large, bullet-proof, armored SUV, the Knight XV. Based on the Ford F-550 Super Duty commercial truck chassis, the Evade is an exact lookalike of the 13,000-pound Knight XV.     The Toronto-based automaker says that the Evade will provide clients with a more nimble, lighter […]