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Plug-In Electric Car Sales in Canada remain Hum Drum

Sales of plug-in electric cars in Canada for the Month of March were less than stellar. With plug-in sales moving slower than the maple sap collecting in a pail hanging from the side of a tree, both the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf moved 82 units in the third month of the 2013 up in […]

Ford’s Fusion Ranks Number One Among Reviews

Based on owner reviews from, Ford’s Fusion sedan ranks as Canadian drivers’ favorite vehicle with over 22,000 owner reviews. Owners praised the available features, comfort, fuel economy, reliability, and styling. The luxury segment was represented in the top five as well, with the Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series taking second and third respectively. […]

AutoCanada Inc on a Roll

AutoCanada Inc has been experiencing financial growth in every sector. 2012 was an excellent year for AutoCanada, the addition of General Motors and the Kia brand had a very positive effect on their company. AutoCanada plans to continue with their acquisitions in 2013 and hopes to acquire four or five more companies. The company is […]

HST Tax Rate Drop on Used Vehicles?

The article discusses the tax rate on privately sold used cars in British Columbia. The government was contemplating lowering the tax rate, which is currently at 12 percent, to 7 percent. The ruling, aimed to not favor private sellers over dealerships, confirmed that privately sold vehicles would be at a 12 percent rate. This decision […]

Chrysler Canada Now Leasing Vehicles

Chrysler Canada is resuming leasing after a 5-year break. Manufacturers stopped leasing after the financial crisis, but leasing activity has rebounded – not yet back to 2007, but better than 2009. Chrysler Canada doesn’t have a finance division, so is working with a credit union, with many options as to length of lease and frequency […]

Canada Welcomes NextGear Capital

NextGear Capital Inc. has now expanded their operations to Canada. With the merger for both Dealer Services Corp. and Manheim Automotive Financial Services, NextGear Capital will now be able to provide a rep for each store. The company is expected to grow even more after securing $1.55 billion from The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi. NextGear is […]

Canada Picks Honda Accord as Car of the Year

The Honda Accord has won the 2013 car of the year award in Canada. The award program’s chairman, Richard Russell, said that the “new Accord had a lot of ‘new’ about it, and I think there’s a tendency for people to like family cars that become fun.” Other award winners include the Hyundai Santa Fe […]

Canadian Curbsiders Catching Car Consumers with Cheap Prices

The Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC) is warning car shoppers that “tag-teaming” car sellers have moved their illegal practice to the internet. “Tag-teaming,” two or more car sellers working in conjunction to remain anonymous while they sell cars in various locations, is an illegal practice in the nation. Moreover, the OMVIC says that curbsiders, […]

Canadian Auto Sale Numbers in for 3Q YTD 2012

The year-to-date Canadian car sale numbers are in for the third quarter of 2012, with the Ontario province being responsible for 37% of the total sales across the nation and Quebec in second place being home to 25% of the total national car sales. Luxury brands have been popular thus far this year in Ontario. […]

Will it be a Present-less Christmas in Canada?

Just when we thought it was safe to hang stockings once again, the Grinch is back. However, this time the Green One who has all the tender sweetness of a seasick crocodile has not focused his gaze upon Whoville. No, he is targeting Canadian mail trucks. Just after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Grinch […]