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The Right Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Car

In the modern world of economics and consumerism, there are two different types of shopping experiences. The good kind, and shopping for a used car. It comes as no surprise to anybody that buying a used car can be an interesting experience, trying to decipher the truth from, well, let’s call it the less-than-truth.   […]

Bank of Montreal Saying No to Long-Term Auto Loans?

Raymond O’Kane, one of the head honchos at Bank of Montreal (BMO), is an outspoken opponent of longer-term auto loans. Or, perhaps more accurately, a proponent of shorter-term loans. Recently, he expressed to Auto Finance News the advantages of shorter lending terms for consumers: Thousands saved in interest Less negative equity Faster return to market […]

The Freezeway: Ice-Skate to Work in Edmonton?

The Freezeway is a concept developed by Matt Gibbs while working on his master thesis. The concept is one that would incorporate an additional commute system in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. It is proposed that by constructing paths lined with curbs, the city could fill the paths with water, so commuters could use ice skating as […]

Ford Investing $678 in Oakville, Canada

Ford Motor Co has announced that it is going to invest C$700 (about 678 million in US dollars) in its Oakville, Canada assembly plant. The American automaker explained that the investment was needed to help the carmaker meet the increasing demand for its cars and light trucks throughout North America. The investment will increase Ford’s […]

The Number One Most-Appraised Vehicle Is No Surprise

In the August we see from the ‘Trader Tracker Used Vehicle Market Report’, the Honda Civic bested the Mazda 3 as the most-appraised vehicle overall in Canada, dropping the Mazda 3 to No. 2 for that month.  We should also mention to the readership that: Using Dealer Track Technologies’ Trade Tracker solution, Auto Re-marketing Canada […]

Ford to Soon Upgrade Hybrids in Canadian Market for Free

Ford Motor Co. has announced that it will soon be upgrading its hybrid cars both out of the goodness of its mechanical heart and the lesson it learned at the hands of a bushel of lawsuits that were filed in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and California claiming that the mileage claims for its hybrids were off. Way […]

Auction Prices Rise As Used Car Supply Goes Down

While the number of used cars available has gone down, auction prices have been going up. Lat month, both nominal used car prices – which don’t take MSRP inflation into account – and real used car prices – which do – were up. The nominal prices were up about 0.5 percent, and the real prices […]

Matt Girgis Takes Charge At Volvo Canada

Matt Girgis, coming off his extensive experience at BMW Group and elsewhere, will become Volvo Canada’s new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) starting Monday. He will be working in conjunction with Marc Engelen, the Chief Executive Officer of the company and its president. Engelen expressed his confidence at being able to work well with Girgis and […]

Q1 New Car Sales Trump Used Ones for AutoCanada

AutoCanada is a car retailer who reported some interesting financial numbers for the last several quarters in it’s used car sector. Though same store sales were down by over eleven percent from the previous year, revenue was up by about two percent. However new car sales were very strong, being up by about eighteen percent […]

Can You Get a Car Loan after a Consumer Proposal?

A few lenders will offer you a car loan after you have filed a consumer proposal. Since a consumer proposal is the same as a bankruptcy in the eyes of many Canadian lenders, your pool of options is small, but there is credit available to you. Where to Look, What to Expect You may have […]