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The Right Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Car

In the modern world of economics and consumerism, there are two different types of shopping experiences. The good kind, and shopping for a used car. It comes as no surprise to anybody that buying a used car can be an interesting experience, trying to decipher the truth from, well, let’s call it the less-than-truth.


As challenging as this experience may be, it is made a lot easier if you are armed with some information and the right tips to help put you in a better buying position.


What Do You Know About the Previous Driver?

When you ask this question, you are going to hear a lot of sales agents tell you that it was owned by a sweet lady who only used the vehicle to collect her groceries and maybe pick up items from the Groupon Coupons page for Orvis, but that’s all. Nothing more.


It doesn’t seem to bother the agent that they are standing in front of and describing a sports car with a full-body kit worked around it.


While there will be times when this response is the truth, for all times, ask further questions. For example, ask about what types of road the previous owner drove on. How often the car was switched off and then back on again within minutes. Follow-up questions like these can help you to flush out whether you are being told the truth.


How Well was it Maintained?

The ideas answer will come in the form of a logbook where the previous owner’s mechanic has completed all of the information about the car’s maintenance history and the type of products which have been used in it.


If you aren’t able to access the log book, then again, time to ask some follow-up questions, such as how often it was serviced. What type of products were used in it? Was the owner mechanically minded? Has the car been in any accidents? If the agent stumbles on the questions then it can be a sign that the information may not be entirely accurate.


I’d Love to Take It for a Ride. Can I?

It can seem strange when a car sales agent doesn’t want you to take the car for a test drive and instead prefers you to sit in the passenger seat while they drive. The reason why it seems strange is that it is! And it’s usually a tactic employed because there is something wrong with the vehicle that the agent doesn’t’ want you to uncover.


It doesn’t matter how good the deal is, if the agent won’t allow you to take the vehicle for a test drive, then not only is this not the car for you but it might not be the right sales agent, either.


Nobody ever said that buying a used car was easy. In fact, almost everybody will tell you that it’s difficult. However, just like all things in life, it just takes the right tricks and tips, like the ones in this article, to help make it a more productive and positive experience.