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The Freezeway: Ice-Skate to Work in Edmonton?

The Freezeway is a concept developed by Matt Gibbs while working on his master thesis. The concept is one that would incorporate an additional commute system in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. It is proposed that by constructing paths lined with curbs, the city could fill the paths with water, so commuters could use ice skating as a means of transportation in the city. The goal of the concept is to make the winter months much more tolerable, giving individuals the opportunity to engage in recreational activity while traveling to their destination. It is also proposed that during summer months, the trails could be used for bicyclist and even as a foot path. Ottawa, Canada has already incorporated a similar system and other countries have their own version of the Freezeway. The idea is still in the early stages of development and at this time there is no grantee that the project will be completed.

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