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Ford to Soon Upgrade Hybrids in Canadian Market for Free

Ford Motor Co. has announced that it will soon be upgrading its hybrid cars both out of the goodness of its mechanical heart and the lesson it learned at the hands of a bushel of lawsuits that were filed in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and California claiming that the mileage claims for its hybrids were off. Way off.

The upgrades are for 77,000  2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid , 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid, and 2013 Lincoln MKZ Hybrids in Canada and the U.S. and are being made to improve the vehicles fuel efficiencies. The vehicles’ electric cruising speeds will be upped to 85 miles per hour from 62 allowing the cars to minimize engine warm-up times, cut down on electric fan speeds, and reduce the utilization of the air conditioning compressor.

Once these upgrades have been made, the American automaker believes that its hybrids will earn the 47 mpg rating they already have.