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Ontario’s Conquest Vehicles Launches Evade: the Unarmored SUV that Looks Armored

Conquest Vehicles has released the Evade, a light-weight imitation of its large, bullet-proof, armored SUV, the Knight XV. Based on the Ford F-550 Super Duty commercial truck chassis, the Evade is an exact lookalike of the 13,000-pound Knight XV.  
The Toronto-based automaker says that the Evade will provide clients with a more nimble, lighter and less expensive option, that, while not armored, is still an effective protection vehicle. It comes with four-wheel drive, joystick-controlled exterior spotlights, FLIR front and rear night-vision cameras and commercial-grade air suspension.

The Evade’s base price is $579,000, about $50,000 less than the Knight XV’s base cost.